Houston Professional Counseling
Counseling - Individuals and Couples

Confidential counseling sessions are available for pre-teens, teens, and adults.  Houston Professional Counseling takes a prescriptive approach to treatment and integrates counseling approaches to meet the needs of the individual client or couple.  

Play Therapy with Ronda Wegman, LPC, RPT

Play Therapy is an appropriate intervention for children age 3 and up.  Sessions are held with a highly trained Registered Play Therapist in our warm and welcoming Playroom.  Play Therapy is a powerful tool for addressing cognitive, behavioral, and emotional challenges.  Play is our first language as a child.  Just as adults use words to communicate and process difficult thoughts and emotions, children use play.  When playing, children express thoughts and feelings that might otherwise remain hidden.

Houston Professional Counseling
Telehealth - Online Video Counseling

Secure Online Video Counseling is available to teens and adults anywhere in the State of Texas.  Traveling for work, sick kid at home, car trouble, or health problems?  We've got you covered!  Research shows that video counseling is just as effective as in person sessions.  Clients can choose to do all sessions online, or a mix of office and online sessions. 

Image by Becca Tapert
Sex Therapy with Douglas Lormand, LPC-S

Approximately 43% of American women and 31% of American men suffer from sexual dysfunction. Specific problems may include relationship conflicts, loss of intimacy, and desire discrepancies between partners.  Douglas Lormand, LPC-S is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist.  A Sex Therapist is a professional who, in addition to his/her basic training and qualifications, has extensive training in all aspects of human sexuality and the treatment of sexual dysfunctions and disorders.  Sex therapy does not include touching or the use of surrogates.  More information on the AASECT website.

Houston Professioal Counselig
Parent Coaching

We offer Parent Coaching to caretakers of children of all ages.  Parent coaching is always integrated into the treatment of current child clients being seen at Houston Professional Counseling.  If your child is not being seen by us, or you would just like additional time to meet with our Counselors about parenting issues, Parent Coaching sessions are available to all caretakers at our normal hourly rate.

Houston Professionl Counseling Ronda Wegman
Presentations and Consulting

Ronda Wegman, MA, LPC, RPT is available for speaking engagements and presentations on a variety of mental health topics.  She is also available for consultations with other professionals on topics including: Teen Mental Health, Play Therapy, School-Based Mental Health, and Parenting.